Sunday, 21 February 2010

Whatever the weather - Gotta check the brews

Hello 'oldsidevalvers'...Albert here.

Crikey ! Woke up this morning and was greeted by another huge covering of snow.........Sod mi boiled egg 'n' dippy soldiers I had to get digging mi way down't garden to 'The Old Sidevalve Bar'. I'm mid way through fermenting a very...very....VERY....special rhubarb cider brew. What if the chill had affected my yeast ? killing it's little alcohol making cells and rendering my mashin' a useless vat of sugary juice....? NIGHTMARE !
Phew ! All was well....the internal heater had saved the day and that welcoming sound of fermentation was music to my ears...plop.......plop......plop......plop.....
Yes, dear readers I've used Great Uncle Alberts wartime recipe to create this speciality, it should be ready in time for the 'Festival' B.B.Q.
If anyone wants a copy drop me a line and I'll check your credentials before forwarding..I can't let it fall into enemy hands after Old Albert protected it through all those lean prohibition years (and also keeping it from falling into the hands of the knit and natter section of the Temperance Society of Upper Wharfedale)
So before I go let's raise a glass in memory of Great Uncle Albert....not only a master brewer but also a hardy motorcyclist who could regularly be seen riding his Panther 600cc combination across Top Withens dressed in only german jack boots and underpants ! (A sight we don't want to re-create during the we ?)

Thats all for now...Albert over and out...

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