Monday, 26 April 2010

Still good underneath...

Albert here..........Imagine the scene.....Saturday morning......sun shining......birds singing.......hey up ! whats that familiar whirring noise.....a travelling machine is approaching....
As I rush down the drive to investigate I am greeted by a fast approaching gleeming projectile. Yes indeed.. a riproaring Pembleton that has been polished to an inch of its life by proud owner Basil K. Splutterpipe looms larger from a southerly direction blinding all who gaze at its curvacious body.
"Greetings Alb, I'm delivering a much needed beer crate for bottle stacking purposes in the Sidevalve Bar" (now there's a story - for another time maybe)
As we chat I can see Basil K. looking with some distaste at my chosen mount for the festival. (mmmmm ! my old Honda could indeed do with a bit of a clean up)
So thats how I've spent the last couple of days.....elbow deep in engine degreaser, deafened by the hum of an overworked powerwasher and finger sore with ali polishing.
I won't be the 'Black' sheep of the family.....I won't let you down....I will shine too...

Before -

During -

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A 'Sidevalver' gobstopper !

Albert here - It is with great pleasure that I can advise all 'Oldsidevalvers' that the Festival Picklingtons have been released from the pickling vats and are ready !
Can you just taste the succulent juices ? feel the spicy malt vinegar running down your chin as the flavours tickle your tastebuds ? experience the crunch of a yorkshire onion that fights back ? Picklington in one hand - B.B.Q sausage in another...!
Well I can ! Bring um on !

Thursday, 8 April 2010

'Classic Vehicle Challenge'

Albert here - Greetings Oldsidevalvers.
The Old Sidevalve Committee have been in lengthly discussions deciding the itinerary for the festival. After many meetings in various Indian Restaurants and Real Ale Pubs around Yorkshire a decision has been made. It has been decided that the Sunday will be a Classic Vehicle Challenge where contestants will take on the hills, valleys, moorland, and wolds of Yorkshire. The route is expected to cover about 180 miles. Stops along the way for coffee/tea and cakes and lunch at our destination sampling the local fare.

This event is open to all 'Oldsidevalvers'. Please confirm intention of entry.

(Could I remind contestants that this event will take place whatever the weather. Modern vehicles will be handicapped by a yet to be decided penalty)

For all those who showed concern regarding the loss of 4 pints of best beer during fermentation can I assure you it won't happen again. Apologies again for the volume reduction.......