Sunday, 30 May 2010

Day 1 - Route 1 - Legs 1 & 2 - Friday 15th May 2010

Albert here reporting on Oldsidevalver festivities.

Saturday 15th May. Weather - Overcast and average temperature.
9.30 a.m. Orders to report to the control centre. (read Beer Shed)
Chosen transportation to be fuelled and ready for action.
Lets do it...........

The route was known to myself and Basil K. (due to the fact we planned it) All other Oldsidevalvers would be on a mystery tour, the only clue being should they wish to join us they would experience some of the finest scenery Yorkshire had to offer and would also be travelling at altitude. Step forward Krazy Koen, Fifi La Downdraught and The Baroness von Battenburg. Hardy souls or fools ? only time would tell.

First scenery stop - Beamsley Beacon.

Oldsidevalver fact - “During the Bronze Age, some 4,500 years ago, a large stone mound was built there, probably to mark the burial place of a local chieftain and to act as a territorial boundary marker,” The name Beamsley Beacon, recorded in 1667, suggests it was used as part of a signalling system using fire. In 1804, during the Napoleonic wars, the beacon was refurbished and a guardhouse was constructed to shelter the beacon keeper.

Onwards..forever forward.......and the promise of coffee further on route had our mystery tourers once more under power, with a short stop for an unofficial photoshoot at Bolton Abbey.

Oldsidevalver fact - Bolton Abbey was founded in 1151 by the Augustinian order, on the banks of the River Wharfe. In the early 14th century Scottish raiders caused the temporary abandonment of the site and serious structural damage to the priory. Building work was still going on at the abbey when the Dissolution of the Monasteries resulted in the termination of the priory in 1539. The east end remains in ruins. A tower, begun in 1520, was left half-standing, and its base was later given a bell-turret and converted into an entrance porch. Most of the remaining church is in the Gothic style of architecture, but more work was done in the Victorian era, including windows by August Pugin.

Back in the saddle, once again select forward gear, release clutch and lets crunch those last few miles.....through Kilnsey, Kettlewell and Starbotton before the well earned coffee stop. Not quite as planned because the official stop was the George Inn at Hubberholme......which was shut !
So, back track 2 miles to the Buck Inn at Buckden....which was open ....hurray.....and the landlord only required money in exchange for cool is that ! So heres his official picture of that fine establishment for all Oldsidevalvers to see.

To be continued.................

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Alberts Festival Diary - Jotting 1

Albert here.....just ! Vision returning to normal.....memory recovering megabyte by megabyte.......after a very sucessful but hectic 'Oldsidevalver festival'
What happened dude ? I'm not sure ! I can only recount my side of the story, fellow attendees will have to fill in the rest.
Thursday 13th May - Introduce overseas guest of honour Koen (World famous Oilyracer blogger) to the hub of activities. Yes, the central point from where all challenges and contestants would emulate......THE BEER SHED.
A structure of immense value and architectual delightfuness, how lucky were we that we had the equal of any Norman Foster designed building in the corner of your Uncle Alberts garden.
Not only that - it was stocked up and ready for opening time.
(Ring bell - Flagons ready - let the show begin)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


All packed !!

Last minute standardisation

Belgium calling on status!
I'm packing and the bike is in top shape (read: it works) ... hope she stays that way.

Just have to keep in mind to keep her on the left site of the road ....keep her left.....keep her left.....keep her left.....left...left....left

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gleaming !

Greetings 'Oldsidevalvers' - Albert here.

My mission is complete, I have polished and polished and polished again the old Honda and now present to you the results of my labours. I can even see my face in the chrome ! Empty tins of brasso, tubes of Solvol, bottles of car wax, cans of Mr Sheen and heaps of bedding torn into rags lay in my wake. I'm ready as I'll ever be for the Oldsidevalvers festival tours.

What else was I tasked with ? Oh yes, the very very important task of providing a never ending supply of liquid refreshment. Tick it off my list ! It's done too.

The UK now awaits.....No! not for the results of all this hung parliment election important....

Balen we are ready to receive your entrant.