Thursday, 20 May 2010

Alberts Festival Diary - Jotting 1

Albert here.....just ! Vision returning to normal.....memory recovering megabyte by megabyte.......after a very sucessful but hectic 'Oldsidevalver festival'
What happened dude ? I'm not sure ! I can only recount my side of the story, fellow attendees will have to fill in the rest.
Thursday 13th May - Introduce overseas guest of honour Koen (World famous Oilyracer blogger) to the hub of activities. Yes, the central point from where all challenges and contestants would emulate......THE BEER SHED.
A structure of immense value and architectual delightfuness, how lucky were we that we had the equal of any Norman Foster designed building in the corner of your Uncle Alberts garden.
Not only that - it was stocked up and ready for opening time.
(Ring bell - Flagons ready - let the show begin)

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