Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gleaming !

Greetings 'Oldsidevalvers' - Albert here.

My mission is complete, I have polished and polished and polished again the old Honda and now present to you the results of my labours. I can even see my face in the chrome ! Empty tins of brasso, tubes of Solvol, bottles of car wax, cans of Mr Sheen and heaps of bedding torn into rags lay in my wake. I'm ready as I'll ever be for the Oldsidevalvers festival tours.

What else was I tasked with ? Oh yes, the very very important task of providing a never ending supply of liquid refreshment. Tick it off my list ! It's done too.

The UK now awaits.....No! not for the results of all this hung parliment election important....

Balen we are ready to receive your entrant.

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