Sunday, 6 June 2010

Route 1. Leg 3

Hey it's me again, Albert the Oldsidevalver blogger with a further rendition....pull up your chair, make yourself comfortable and I will continue to recount the tale of derring - do that our motley band of travellers experienced on the 'Oldsidevalver Mystery Tour'
Morning coffee'd at The Buck Inn we re-tracing our steps once again through Hubberholme, past the still closed for business George Inn (blow large rasberry) and following the river Wharfe upwards into the hills.
Now if only Albert and Basil had know this fact -
The old inn, The George, is opposite the Church. This is notable for the lit candle that sits on the bar to indicate the pub is open and serving. The tradition dates from distinctive auctions for agricultural land or grazing that were held in The George. The last bid to be received before the candle extinguished was the winner
Well we didn't so hey ho ! We're not good at noticing candles.
Anyway, we're now climbing steeply out of the valley through the delightfully named villages of Yockenthwaite, Deepdale, Beckermonds and Oughtershaw.
Riding/Driving over Fleet Moss on route to our destination
Fact - Fleet Moss - One of the U.K.s heighest roads at 1932ft above sea level.

above - The gorgeous decent from the summit

above - then along the Beggarmans road towards Gayle and eventually Hawes

After the peacefulness of the minor roads the market town of Hawes is bustling, made famous by Wallace and Grommit for being the home of Wensleydale cheese. (Nothing better than a goodly wedge balanced on top of a crispy Jacobs accompanied by a Billy Bunter Picklington.......oooohh imagine ! Think I've died and gone to heaven) Plenty of pubs on the main street, all selling BLACK SHEEP ! I fear there's another refreshment interlude...and maybe a spot of din-dins approaching.
The waft of Fish 'n' Chips from the little hut at the top of the main street was no match today against a 'Sheep' so into the Fountain Hotel for a pint of Mashams finest and a hot bagette. The girls had Beef with lashings of onion gravy, the boys all chose the Chicken Salsa....(because we can)

A hearty meal to prepare us for the final leg......

to be continued..............