Monday, 26 April 2010

Still good underneath...

Albert here..........Imagine the scene.....Saturday morning......sun shining......birds singing.......hey up ! whats that familiar whirring noise.....a travelling machine is approaching....
As I rush down the drive to investigate I am greeted by a fast approaching gleeming projectile. Yes indeed.. a riproaring Pembleton that has been polished to an inch of its life by proud owner Basil K. Splutterpipe looms larger from a southerly direction blinding all who gaze at its curvacious body.
"Greetings Alb, I'm delivering a much needed beer crate for bottle stacking purposes in the Sidevalve Bar" (now there's a story - for another time maybe)
As we chat I can see Basil K. looking with some distaste at my chosen mount for the festival. (mmmmm ! my old Honda could indeed do with a bit of a clean up)
So thats how I've spent the last couple of days.....elbow deep in engine degreaser, deafened by the hum of an overworked powerwasher and finger sore with ali polishing.
I won't be the 'Black' sheep of the family.....I won't let you down....I will shine too...

Before -

During -

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