Sunday, 7 February 2010

I'll go first - The life and times of Albert Crackleport. Chapter 1

Albert here - as promised dear readers I'll give you an insight into the secret world of 'Crackleport'.........Will it be amusing ? Hum ! not sure ! I'll have to warn you all now though, it does cover quite a few decades of mechanical misdemeanors so beware !

Let's journey back in time to 1972 and here we find a young Albert at the pre-shaving age of 15 getting stuck into a bit of Scott tuning. The old girl belonged (and still does) to my Uncle who still has the Shipley built machine on his 'To Do List' of restorations.
Looking back it's got to be around this time that fate played it's hand, I had smelt the old Castrol oil and I succumed ! Forever trapped in a life filled with rusty old motorcycles..........who's complaining ? Not me............

Couple of years later and I've passed my motorcycle test. An upgrade is required ! Yes, unbeknown to me I buy a bike that is to become a classic......
I only had it 18 months then sold it ! DOH ! Well how was I to know !
Here's a picture of it...a Yamaha XS2.

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