Tuesday, 23 February 2010

First training event.

Hi folks, Basil.K. here.

Just to let you all know that my motorcycling training for the Old Sidevalve Summer Spectacular is underway. (Note the photographic evidence above)

Yes, t'was a cold and frosty morning that my steed for the summer was hitched to the back of Alberts transporter and said steed, and budding pilot, were removed to a " training area ", well when I say training area - a fully funtioning scrambling track would more adequately describe the venue. Oh ho ! says he - If you can survive (good descriptive word) here, you'll survive anywhere-well I survived, but only just - I am sure it's going to be fun, please tell me it is.

Seriously though, a big thank you to Albert - who's taken time out from his onerous brewing responsibilities - to try and turn an old Pembleton racer into an even older two wheeled speed demon. Crikey I'll be delving into Alberts old racing notes next - and then where will we be ?

Tally ho !!

More training reports to follow......watch this space. Splut !

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