Monday, 15 February 2010

Weekend Excitement and things.

Hello all, Basil.k. here,

Well folks we're underway and getting ready for the motorcycling festival, so as was intimated in my last blog, I'd better find me something to ride. No problem,cordially I was invited across to Crackleport Tower -where there existed the rumour of a long hidden motorcycling machine of great vintage and awesome power- well could you resist ?? As the photographic evidence below will testify, and let me tell you, it took some finding we came across the aforementioned leviathan - all 125cc of it. Wow!!. Hidden amongst assorted Jap engines / Briggs & Stratton mufflers (and there's another tale) old bakers bikes, empty bottles and assorted brewing kits, we located my steed for the summer -yes folks it's a 125cc Yamaha DT125 built just after the wheel was invented. Cool eh!......and after a spot of jungle juice, a little spark and a firm kick - life was established - can't say that the little machine looked too happy to be dragged out into a freezing cold winter morning, the bike either -hey and what about the bald patch - hell I didn't think it was that bad.
Methinks your hero is going to look pretty natty in plus fours, crash helmet and a big grin, a cruising down the highways and byeways.

Now I think I'd better to learn to ride !!! More in our next exciting episode, byee / Splut !!

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  1. Hey Ian,
    There appears to resident a Klingon in your shed hahhaa