Monday, 8 February 2010

Basil.K. signing in, I hope.

Greetings fellow sidevalvers, followers - if there's anybody out there.

This is my very first blog posting so goodness knows where it'll end up. Well this is the 3rd of the old triumvirate signing in. I see Belgium's here already - hi Koen old chap ! I hope all is ok over the water.

Hello Albert, what's happening dude. Are you warming up for the challenge, which reminds me, where did I put that bottle !

Basil.K. here - the junior member of this great motorcycling festival - blimey I'd better start learning to ride (again), though I've made a start. Been wearing me crash helmet - it's great, particularly when requested to carry out tasks by er indoors - can't hear a thing - fabulous.

Well must close now, to test this blog - lost it twice already - ecky thump !! Splut !!

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