Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Life and Times of Albert Crackleport. Chapter 2

Albert here - What a sorry story I left you with last time.....The poor old (classic and one day valuable) XS2 Yamaha unloved and taken for part exchange. What did I buy as a replacement ? It had better be good Albert ! Ha ! Ha ! This is where past meets present. I exchanged the Yamaha and £450 for a Honda 550. Yes indeed, Honda fours were the tool to have back in them ther' dark days of pre-Thatcherism. Maybe not that dark ....In fact it was the long hot summer of 1976 and I didn't have a care in the world.. Here's a pic of a very proud young Albert and the new machine.

The group shot was on a camping trip to Cornwall the same year with a bunch of mates. What an assortment of bikes.... A10 BSA, a couple of Triumph Bonnies, a T500 Suzi and me far left on the 550.

Past meets present ? Well, it's the very bike I shall be using during 'Festival Week'. It's been part of the 'Crackleport' stable for 34 years. Crikey that's some way back...
In fact so far back it's making me dizzy thinking about it so I'm off for a carming beer....
Catch ya all later - Alb

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