Saturday, 13 March 2010

Down in 'The Old Sidevalve'

Greetings Oldsidevalvers, Albert here reporting on the latest preperations for the festival. Its an early start for me today ( I call 7.30 a.m. on a Sunday early !) and I'm already down 'The Sidevalve' starting the first brew. I have limited capacity with only 2 heated fermenters so time is of the essence.
Tech fact - Production capacity - 80 pint max
I'm going to attempt to brew, bottle, and bottle condition 230 pint which should stock 'The Sidevalve' up nicely !
I'm sure every night of the festival will be a celebration of the days achievements, so how long will nearly 30 gallon last ? Not long !
The various brews are still on the secret list but the ingredients where sourced from a new contact of mine at Hampstead Brewing Centre. All at reasonable price which is important to Albert.>
I've various tins of malt, bags of different hops, grains and yeasts. Thanks to Chris at Hampstead I've also a recipe book to follow so here goes.........lets get started.
Oh, by the way, the rhubarb cider is safely bottled, slightly different taste to last time but that may be in account of the fact that I doubled the sugar to increase the ABV somewhat.......heeeheee

Look out for more postings soon

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